• OCB slim Rolling Paper

    Ocb Black Premium King Size

    OCB Black Premium rolling paper is made in France gives a 100% natural experience. Each Booklet contains a 50 ultra-thin rolling paper at 10 grams per square meter. These tobacco free sheets are authentic white rice papers and are incredibly popular in India. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 30.00 - Rs. 230.00
  • OCB slim Brown Unbleached Rolling Paper

    OCB Brown King Size

    OCB is a brand of rolling paper manufactured by Republic Tobacco. The Brown rolling paper is unbleached. The leaves are made from rice paper and its all natural. The product is not for the facilitation of tobacco consumption.Unit: 32 leaves

    Rs. 86.00
  • OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet box

    OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet box

    OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet boxPure flax paper is used in making these ultra-thin rolling papers. It uses Arabic Natural Gum with no additional chemicals. The slow burning slim paper is supremely lightweight. Watermarks on each sheet ensure that the quality is top-notch. 50 Bags of full case-32 pieces per bag = 1600 leaves

    Rs. 1,200.00
  • OCB Gold King Size 50 Sheet box

    OCB Gold King Size 50 Sheet box

     OCB Gold King Size 50 sheet box Ultra-thin premium rolling paper with strength and stability is all that a connoisseur needs to roll the flawless light. The King size Gold paper is made from premium materials in France with no Tobacco. Make sure you buy the original for an authentic affair.  

    Rs. 2,400.00 Sold Out
  • Ocb Rolls Sheet 4m

    Ocb Rolls Sheet 4m

    Rolling Papers OCB on Roll is the ultimate challenge for rolling monster blunts. With 4 meters of ultra thin, pure flax paper you can extend the length of your smoking experience. A great product for nicotine junkies and hardcore stoners. Wrapped in recycled cardboard. Width: 45mm. KING SIZE SLIM OCB ROLL 4 meters Slow Burning Ultra-Lightweight – Ultra Thin

    Rs. 159.00 Sold Out
  • Ocb Roach Pad

    Ocb Roach Pad

    OCB Roach Pad ( OCB Filter tip) OCB is one of the most popular brands in India. The brand is known for its dependability when it comes to superior quality products. You can rest assured that not even a sliver of tobacco will slip through the filter. That can be a very unpleasant situation. It fits with all sizes of rolling papers giving you a smooth smoking experience. Units: 50 tips

    Rs. 40.00 Sold Out