• Organic Smokes Menthol

    Organic Smokes Menthol

    Organic smokes is an ayurvedic smoking therapy and is made with all the organic ingredients like the blend of holy basil, camellia Sinensis, rose petals, mint leaves, somlata, sag angers, kakamachi organically procured from the hills of himalayas proportionally mixed and rolled into virgin paper tipped with a cotton filter.It is a therapy smoke which indicates relieves stress, anti jet lag, mood uplifter, relives cold & tobacco cessation. Pack of 10 Organic Smoke

    Rs. 320.00
  • Organic Smokes Premium Blend

    Organic Smokes Premium Blend

    Organic Smokes Premium Blend Powder is a tobacco free product that is used as a healthy alternative to smoking and can help in stopping the habit of smoking. It also contains antioxidant that are beneficial in detoxifying the body and relieving stress.Key Ingredients:Green coffee leavesKey Benefits: A tar, tobacco and nicotine free product that helps to relieve stress and can be used as a method to quit smoking Delivers antioxidants like mangiferin and chlorogenic acids All natural and can be consumed in multiple ways such as sipping, soaking for bath or smoking Directions For Use: A...

    Rs. 399.00
  • Organic Smokes Regular

    Organic Smokes Regular

    Yes you heard it right – a patented ayurvedic smoking therapy. It is made of natural ingredients of Basil and Camellia Sinensis. In fact its rolled in an organic paper Oxymoronic and has a Cotton Filter. It is tobacco and nicotine free making it popular amongst tobacco quitters. In fact, organic smokes are known to be a therapeutic smoke which will be stress-buster for you. Order it in its most classic form (Regular) know and get a smoking experience in a herbal way. Pack of 10 Organic Cigarette

    Rs. 320.00
  • Organic Smokes Mild

    Organic Smokes Mild

    It has all the qualities of a regular organic smoke like its tobacco free, nicotine free, made out of herbs like Basil and Camellia Sinensis. On the top of it all, it also has a tar out filter and is even milder in flavour. Organic smokes being registered as a traditional herbal medicine by Ayush Department of GOI will give you a therapeutic experience by taking care of your stress and bad moods. Pack of 10 Organic Cigarettes

    Rs. 320.00