• Pouchz Leather Rolling Pouch

    Pouchz Leather Rolling Pouch

    Pouchz Leather Rolling Pouch is handmade with 100% genuine leather. This premium rolling pouch comes with its own zip pocket to hold your assets carefully. - 100% premium leather - Highest quality zip used - Colour may vary of leather

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  • Raw Aluminum Storage Tube

    Raw Aluminum Storage Tube

    This storage tube by RAW gives you the high-quality sealable. This aluminum metal tube will perfectly seal up with the screw on top to store your things safely without popping open. Weight: 7gms  

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  • Raw Ash Catcher

    Raw Ash Catcher

    RAW Catcher, is your ultimate protection for your doobs. Its a Ash catcher which will catch ashes and burn. this latest invention will no more burn marks on your clothing. Make your smoke sessions easy and clean with the RAW Ash Catcher.  

    Rs. 590.00
  • Raw Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray

    Raw Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray

    The RAW Bamboo Rolling Tray has carved compartments for all your Rolling accessories to use and keep. The color depends on the type of wood because all trays are handmade. It has 8 strong magnets to keep the parts in place. There are 4 places at the top of tray to keep the crusher, lighter other accessories. Sizes of these are all different. There are Two slot underneath for Rolling papers.

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  • Raw Bandana

    Raw Bandana

    RAW Bandana is for the people who never run out of style. With the blend of contemporary ,classic and dope style bandana. It can be used to hang on wall which make it attractive. Size: 12×12 inches Cloth type: Cotton

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  • Raw Black Rolling Tray

    Raw Black Rolling Tray

    These RAW Black Trays are beautiful! This tray is made with a polished gold toned metal, then RAW put a part-black part-clear enhanced finish on it so the gold tone shines through! It’s gorgeous! Totally different from any other RAW Tray ever made. Perfect for when you’re rolling up top-shelf in RAW Black Paper. All RAW Black Trays come with a Certificate of RAWthenticity! The thick metal is resistant to bending and warping and the smooth, curved edges stop any stray tobacco or herbs from escaping the tray or getting stuck in corners or creases.   SIZES: Small: 11" x 7"

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  • Raw Black Sheet King Size

    Raw Black Sheet King Size

    RAW Black King Size This Black rolling paper by the RAW company is extra-fine. It is made from natural tree gum sap with unbleached fibres of high-grade smoking material. This artisanal paper is produced in Spain where humidity is incredibly low. Experience the natural way to roll. Units: 32 leaves

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  • RAW 5 Stage RAWKET Pre rolled cones

    RAW Cone - 5 Stage RAWKET

    The Raw Rawket features five pre-rolled cones of various sizes. The collection includes a Raw Cone 1 1/4 Raw Cone King Size Raw Cone Peacemaker Raw Cone Emperador and Raw Cone Supernatural Features:  Once you've tried a Raw pre-rolled cone, you'll immediately notice the quality and care that was put in to making each one. Run-Preventing Watermark Slow, Smooth Burn 100% Natural Cones/Pack: 5

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  • RAW Cone Caddy Tin Case - King Size

    RAW Cone Caddy Tin Case - King Size

    The Raw Cone Caddy metal tin is for storing king size or regular size rolling papers and cones. The cone tin will hold up to 6 cones or a few packets of papers, tips and a lighter. Great for storage and will easily fit into your bag or coat pocket.  Details of tin: Length: 11.5cm Width: 4cm Cone Caddy Made From Metal

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  • Raw Cone Creator

    RAW Cone Creator

    RAW Cone Creator is the perfect tool for making your own cones on-the-go! This pocket sized Just roll a tip and slip it into the hole. Then wrap your RAW paper around the Cone Creator. Line up the bottom of the paper with the base of the tip. Roll it tight, and lick and stick the gumline. Then just pull the rope while holding the exposed part of the paper tip. yayy! have a RAW Cone!

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  • RAW Cone Snuffer Black

    RAW Cone Snuffer

    RAW Cone Snuffer is a large conical center hole with round tap points carefully engineered to make it easier to put out and save your partials joints for later! It has large reverse conical shaped center hole to gently extinguish and round tap points to scrape off excess ash (for use during smoking or before snuffing). 3 bottom magnet attaches to any RAW ashtray or rolling tray

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  • RAW Flying High Metal Rolling Tray

    RAW Flying High Metal Rolling Tray

    These RAW rolling trays serve their purpose perfectly. The large rolling tray is nice and big, so it can fit all of your custom smoke supplies, and the small is great for just doing a quick roll or if you need one to travel with. Grab your favorite pack of rolling papers, a good blend of filler, and one of these rolling trays, and start making some smokes. The small tray is 11 x 7 inches and the large measures 13 x 11 inches.

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  • Raw Girl Rolling Tray -  Limited Edition

    Raw Girl Rolling Tray - Limited Edition

    Limited Raw Girl Edition Tray 11 × 7 Inch Raw Certificate of authenticity Material - Sturdy Tin Brand - Raw 

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  • RAW Gold Poker Opened

    RAW Gold Poker

    Pack your RAW Cones in style with the unique RAW Gold Poker! Embossed with the RAW logo and fitted with a braided unrefined hemp cord so you can RAWk it as a necklace. The RAW Gold Poker is the ultimate accessory for true RAWkers! RAW Gold Poker: 4.5″ long This is a great accessory that combines style and packing functionality.Comes with wood case.

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  • RAW Hemp Smoking Wallet

    RAW Hemp Smoking Wallet

    Checkbook-Size Woven Wallet Space for Papers, Filters, Lighters, and Many more things Space-Age Foil Compartment to Keep Herbs Fresh Keep all of your favorite RAW accessories, and even keep your herbs fresh, all in one portable place with the Raw Smoker's Wallet. Also known as the RAWlet , this handy hemp fabric wallet has space for your favorite papers and lighters.

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  • RAW Hemp Wick - 3 Metre

    RAW Hemp Wick - 3 Metre

    Specification Material: RAW Hemp wicks are made up of natural and eco-friendly substances like hemp and beeswax. The top class Hemp is imported from Europe which is grown without any use of pesticides. While beeswax is produced from the natural Beekeeping. Dimensions: The dimension of the Hemp wick is 3 meters that is almost equal to 10ft. The Hemp wick is long enough to be part of your Smoking Accessories for long n long n long. How to Use: All you have to do is lit up that end of the wick and tilt that up to control the flame, and once you see the flame gets brighter, you are ready to lig...

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  • RAW Lanyard Keychain

    RAW Lanyard Keychain

    The RAW Lanyard lets you rep your favorite rolling paper brand wherever you go. Use it for keys, joints or just as a handy clip anywhere you go. Giving a swivel hook clasp and alligator clasp. Alligator Clip Material: Nylon Length: 18"

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  • Raw Loader - Perfect Roll Filler

    Raw Loader - Perfect Roll Filler

    If you are tired of sitting and wasting end amount of time for filling then Raw has been working very much to make your life easier with the new RAW loader. Now you can load your cone up to 9 times faster and in very easy way. You just have to fill the funnel and slide the material through the cone and then make some pressure to make sure the cone is well pressed and filled up. 3 in 1 loader Includes: scraper, funnel / loader & wooden packer

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  • RAW Magnifying Card With Coin

    RAW Magnifying Card

    The RAW Magnifier Card is a easy tool that will fit right in your wallet easily. You can use it to inspect your legal herbs or for any other magnifying needs you come across. RAW is always coming up with amazing products that are useful and new. Get yours today!

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  • RAW Natural Wood Poker Small

    RAW Natural Wood Poker - Small

    RAW has released small wood poker for rolling up and packing your own king size cones or packing down some pre-rolled cones. Similar to the cones which are included in RAW Cone Loaders for easy rollingThis poker measures 4.5” long

    Rs. 95.00
  • RAW Pocket Ashtray

    RAW Pocket Ashtray

    RAW Pocket Ashtray is a portable ashtray made from a paper-like material with a foil lining and a snap button for opening ad closing. RAW Pocket Ashtray size : 3x3 ½ inches (when closed)

    Rs. 249.00
  • RAW Rawl Pen Box Display

    RAW Rawl Pen

    The RAWL pen is the new RAW threat! It is perfect for rolling your perfect cone and has plant-based ink for marking the tip or writing your strain!  It’s a fun innovation that is the “write way to roll it"

    Rs. 329.00
  • RAW Reserva Wearable Stash

    RAW Reserva Wearable Stash

    Fill and store your cones on the go with the RAW Reserva Wearable Stash. This is a airtight, waterproof container is made of plant plastic. The container has a hemp necklace cord. It secures both 1 ¼ and King Size cones, and features with a removable ICFF (Internal Centrifugal Cone Filler) to fill your 1 ¼ cones. The ICFF can be easily removed to have plenty of room to stash your filled cones.

    Rs. 939.00
  • RAW Six Shooter - King Size

    RAW Six Shooter - King Size

    Loosen the center pin and dial the plate to the quantity of cones you want to fill: 1, 2, 3! If you want to fill 6 pieces at once, just remove the plate, fill the holes with RAW King Size cones, add your favorite smokable to the top, replace the lid and smack it on a hard surface. You can finish them off by using the pin which also doubles as a poker and in a jiffy you have up to six perfects spliffs.

    Rs. 2,399.00
  • RAW Spirit Box Wooden Rolling Tray Opened

    RAW Spirit Box - Wooden Rolling Tray Box

    The RAW Spirit Box is a combination stasher and magnetic rolling tray made to help unleash your smoke spirits. The top tray has a raised lip on 3 sides so you can easily prepare, stash and store supplies. There are 8 different sized tip holders for cones or hand rolls and carve-outs for the papers and other supplies. This is a solid heavy box and the embedded rubber gasket helps to reduce odours and keep things fresher.  

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  • Raw Trident Cigarette Holder

    Raw Trident Cigarette Holder

    Raw Wooden Trident! It's like the Raw Double Barrel, but holds THREE hand rolls or pre-rolled cones. Make smoking social or introduce something new in your smoking circle and remember that sharing is caring!

    Rs. 1,299.00
  • Raw Wooden Tobacco Pipe

    Raw Wooden Tobacco Pipe

    RAW Natural Pipe is unique hand carved pipe made from Bubinga wood from Africa. The plastic mouthpiece is fully removable for easy cleaning. Length:  5.5 inches Pre loaded Corleone smoking filter to keep the pipe natural.  Handy burlap style carrying pouch For a good smoking experience use it with a 9mm activated charcoal filter

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