• Ziip Pods Iced Strawberry

    Ziip Pods Iced Strawberry

    The luscious strawberry is the perfect answer to your concomitant cravings for dessert and for nicotine. These Ziip Iced Strawberry 4 Pods allow for the most delicious manifestation of the fruity essences with every single puff. Stop settling for less. Each pod contains 1ml of nicotine salt-based eliquid, optimized to put an end to your desirous suffering. The zesty iced strawberry flavor combines a mountainous, refreshing kick with a sweet, tangy taste of the strawberry in one delicious rush of vapor that transforms the perceptions of the senses. Each pod contains 1ml of e liquid, underpin...

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  • Ziip Pods Iced Watermelon

    Ziip Pods Iced Watermelon

    Experiential bliss emanates from the art of inundating the senses in a world of savory extremes, which leave a lasting impression upon the palate in the most unforgettable ways. The Ziip Pods Iced Watermelon 4ct are manufactured to bring your senses’ perception of watermelon vapor as close as possible to actually tasting the seed itself. Each of these pods is filled to the brim with 1ml of nicotine salt based liquid, exclusively crafted to quench your cravings for nicotine. Made especially for Juul, these pods come with an exclusive strength of 5% salt nic. With this product, you will never...

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  • Ziip Pods Iced Apple

    Ziip Pods Iced Apple

    Stumble upon the essence of pure bliss with the Ziip Iced Apple Pods, a perfect solution to your late morning dessert fix. Yes, its sour spirit will rekindle the spark of your palate and recreate its preconceived neural definitions of sensual bliss. The iced apple is a force to be reckoned with, featuring a bittersweet nature that treads on the palate with a medium bodied walk whilst forcing it to face its inner depths. Not too harsh on the senses, this blend appeases the consumer in the most profound of ways with every single inhalation. Known for imparting rich, meaty clouds this Ziip Pod...

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  • Ziip Pods Iced Cola

    Ziip Pods Iced Cola

    Picture a break at work that is overlaid by a carefree mental attitude, one that feels the coolness of sipping an iced Cola. The Ziip Pods Iced Cola have been designed to create the same kind of experience for the user, allowing for a gentle medium bodied caress of the senses with a saccharine cola flavor. So, what really is the big deal? Perhaps the fact that you get premium flavor in a vapor that isn’t any worse than the liquid it is mimicking itself! Medium bodied in its spirit, this is the perfect vapor for anyone looking to get their feet wet in vaping while experiencing the true goodn...

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  • Ziip Pods Iced Pina Colada

    Ziip Pods Iced Pina Colada

    Cuddle your senses with a tropical coconut milk concoction, synthesized to emulate the alcoholic beverage of Pina Colada. The Ziip Iced Pina Colada 4 ZPods are the most authentic solution to liquor cravings, whilst quenching nicotine hankering at ease. This chilled flavor is the epitome of delicacy, providing the senses with sensual bliss beginning from the first puff. Each pod contains 1ml of liquid, whereby each listing exclusively endows the smoker with 5% salt nic strength . Each of these liquids is made from premium nicotine salts, which perfectly quell even the strongest nicotine crav...

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  • Ziip Pods Energy Drink

    Ziip Pods Energy Drink

    Get a kick out of your day with the delightful, Juul-compatible ZIIP Energy Drink Pods. Made with a medium bodied formula, you need not worry about having to run your heart way too hard. Its tasty essence remind the senses exactly of a contemporary energy drink potion, underpinned by a sensually awakening flavor that keep the senses alive with each inhalation. Whether or not you’re in love with an actual energy drink, you’ll instantly fall head over heels with this Ziip pods. For beginners and aficionados alike, the thick vapor elicited by this product will make the senses happy and infinit...

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  • Ziip Pods Iced Mango

    Ziip Pods Iced Mango

    Deluge your palate in a dimension of tropical goodness. The Ziip Iced Mango 4 Pods are the definitive answer to sensual ecstasy. Crafted to emulate with perfection the taste behind the tropical fruit itself, each of these liquids kills two birds with one stone. The first bird lies inherent in your desire to quench your nicotine cravings and the second bird come from your yearning to bless your senses with dessert. Each of these pods are filled with 1ml of e-liquids, and are perfectly compatible with your preferred Juul. Here, you have a product that exclusively offers 50mg or 5% nicotine. W...

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  • Ziip Pods Watermelon

    Ziip Pods Watermelon

    The truest watermelon flavors manifest themselves in the essence of every inhalation when it comes to this product. The Ziip Watermelon Pods contain within a total amount of 1ml of nicotine salt based eliquid, perfect for the art of quenching all of your nicotine cravings. This perfected dessert replacement comes as close to the real deal as possible, featuring a high grade eliquid quality that is optimized for use with the corresponding Juul. If you’re looking to transcend your preconceived expectations when it comes to the world of vaping, look no further than this immaculate product. The...

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  • Ziip Pods Spearmint

    Ziip Pods Spearmint

    The true paths to illumination are defined by the ability to tantalize the perceptual senses in ways which awaken and enlighten them. In this case, the Ziip Spearmint Pods hold the key to that mystery. Introducing a pervasive essence of spearmint goodness to jolt awake any part of the palate that is found deep in slumber, this blend proceeds to rush through the senses and perform a deep clean on any part of them that continue to possess latent attributes of previously consumed meals. This medium bodied concoction does its job right without sabotaging or overriding the threshold of the sense...

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  • Ziip Pods Tobacco

    Ziip Pods Tobacco

    Emulate to the tee the flavor that comes from the natural tobacco leaves with the Ziip Tobacco Pods. This is the perfect replacement for your smoking habits, offering natural flavors to the senses with every inhalation. With a savor that impeccably emulates the real deal, why would you ever desire to pick up another smoke stick? Ziip Vape pods here contain 1ml of e liquid in each, made from authentic nicotine salts. These salts garner the strongest capability to quench one’s desire for smoking. Each pod is made to fit perfectly with your preferred Juul, built to render the perfect vaping ex...

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  • Ziip Pods Peach

    Ziip Pods Peach

    Take a few breathers for the grandiose Ziip Pods Peach. Allowing for consistent air flow upon inhalation, this zPods is entirely draw activated. As you start to puff, you’ll recognize a familiar taste of honeyed peach. This fruity taste will permeate your palate upon every inhalation, allowing for a smooth vaping experience that tantalizes the senses in a state of perfection. The 5% nicotine strength suffices to quench your thirst for a buzz and perfectly complements the sweet, peachy flavor without overpowering the senses. This Compatible Pods imparts an equivalent of four packs of cigaret...

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  • Ziip Pods Cappuccino

    Ziip Pods Cappuccino

    Capture the essence of your local coffee joint with the Ziip Cappucino 4 Pods. Why is this a big deal? Well, this is the next best option to actually drinking your favorite caffeine selection. Without ingesting anything, these ZPods bestow upon your palate a foaming cappuccino flavor, featuring a soothing essence of nicotine salts, which quench your cravings at first puff. Each pod contains 1ml of e-liquid accordingly, optimized for compatibility with Juul systems. These compatible pods come in the strength of 50mg exclusively, perfectly infused with just the right amount of nicotine for th...

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  • Ziip Pods Mango

    Ziip Pods Mango

    The Ziip Mango Pods allow for the manifestation of tropical mango flavors to pronounce themselves whenever the smoker takes their first drags, continually making themselves known throughout the vaping experience. ZiiP pods contain 1ml of salt eliquid, optimized to nourish the strongest nicotine cravings with zero compromises. This product is exclusively endowed with the nicotine strength of 5%. These pods have been synthesized to be compatible with Juul.Package contents:Ziip Mango 4 Pods – Replacement Pods for JUUL KitEach Ziip pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nicotine by weight.

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