Digital Pocket Scale
Digital Pocket Scale
Digital Pocket Scale
Digital Pocket Scale

Digital Pocket Scale


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Electronic Weighting Scale 200g/0.1g Pocket Precision Digital
Digital Balance Pocket Weighing Jewelry Electronic LCD Scale Gram
  • This electronic pocket scale is perfect for any small item that you can think of. 
  • It has a "tare" feature, which can set the weight to "zero" after putting a pan on the scale
  • The flip-open cover protects the stainless steel weighing platform when the scale is not in use.
  • The bright LCD display makes it very easy to read in the dark. The pocket scale that you are bidding for comes in Black color. * Operation Manual is included. * Powder can be weighed accurately,but can not be put on the scale directly!
  • * Measurement: 200Gx0.1 * Tare Range: Tare full Capacity
  • * Auto off: 30 seconds off
  • * Units : g/oz/ct/ozt/dwt/gn/tl
  • * Power: 1.5V x 2AAA battery(not including)
  • * Scale Size: 120 x 64 x 20mm
  • * Pan Size:50*55mm
  • * Color: Silver
  • * Netweight:102g
  • * Package Size:128*70*23mm
  • * Weight Included Package:116g