Fumari Double Apple 100gm

Fumari Double Apple 100gm


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The Double Apple Fumari Shisha Tobacco brings out the apple and squashes the anise flavors. That's right, this particular blend of Double Apple hookah tobacco, from Fumari, is a little bit closer to authentic apples as this blend is much lighter on the licorice-type flavor (anise) that usually accompanies a traditional Double Apple Blend. Upon opening up the convenient resealable pouch, you will be greeted mostly with the strong aroma of tasty apples. If you want a powerfully sweet, delicious apple flavor in your next bowl, look no further. Oh yeah, the clouds are pretty darn nice as well.

  • 100% Genuine Fumari Product.
  • Quality made in the USA
  • Each pack contains 100gm of Fumari Double Apple hand-packed flavor.
  • Each pack serve up to 9-10 bowls of Shisha (Depends on bowl size)
  • We are exclusive authorized Fumari seller in India