Fumari Mimosa Hookah Flavour – 100gm

Fumari Mimosa Hookah Flavour – 100gm


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After a long night out on the town you slowly creep out of bed, your head pounding, and slowly make your way to the kitchen. Wanting to get rid of your hangover, but still wanting to keep the party going, you search for champagne and orange juice - time for a mimosa. Oh no! You're out of both ingredients! What to do? *Lightbulb* You do have some Mimosa Fumari Shisha Tobacco in your cabinet. Score!

The Mimosa Fumari Shisha nails the orange and carries with it a light champagne undertone. The nice, mild citrus orange flavor is the most predominantly featured flavor in the blend, and much like the real drink, the aftertaste of champagne follows for a brief moment.

Fumari shisha comes with a convenient resealable pouch, which helps lock in freshness and flavor. 
  • 100% Genuine Fumari Product.
  • Quality made in the USA
  • Each pack contains 100gm of Fumari Mimosa hand-packed flavor.
  • Each pack serve up to 9-10 bowls of Shisha (Depends on bowl size)
  • We are exclusive authorized Fumari seller in India