Fumari Purple Grape 100gm

Fumari Purple Grape 100gm


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Another recent release from Fumari Tobacco, Purple Grape deviates from the traditional "white grape" flavor and instead focuses on the increased sweetness of  "red" or "purple" grapes. The "crisp" and sweet flavor of purple grapes comes through with no hesitation, leaving you knowing EXACTLY what flavor is in your bowl.

Your Fumari shisha will come in a resealable pouch that locks in flavor and freshness.
  • 100% Genuine Fumari Product.
  • Quality made in the USA
  • Each pack contains 100gm of Fumari Purple Grape hand-packed flavor.
  • Each pack serve up to 9-10 bowls of Shisha (Depends on bowl size)
  • We are exclusive authorized Fumari seller in India