Fumari Red Gummy Bear 100gm

Fumari Red Gummy Bear 100gm


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R.G.B. Fumari Shisha tobacco will appeal to fans of this little bear. Sweet and fruity, Fumari captures all the candy essence of this elusive creature in this delicious new hookah tobacco. The clouds are big, without the chewiness. 

Fumari shisha comes in a convenient resealable bag, which locks in freshness and negates the need to transfer your Fumari to a different container.
  • 100% Genuine Fumari Product.
  • Each pack contains 100gm of Fumari Red Gummi Bear hand-packed flavor
  • Each pack serve up to 9-10 bowls of shisha (Depends on bowl size)
  • We are exclusive authorized Fumari seller in India.