Hookah Foil Puncher
Hookah Foil Puncher
Hookah Foil Puncher

Hookah Foil Puncher


Rs. 60.00 Rs. 190.00
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  • Easy to use
  • Make perfect holes
  • Excellent quality puncher pins
  • Durable product
  • Made with high-grade material
  • Colors: as per color availability.

Best Foil Puncher is one of the less costly products. It is a durable product, one can use it easily. Puncturing foil one by one takes a lot of time but you can easily make your foil ready in less time with this foil puncher.

  • Holes: With Best Foil Puncher you can easily nail the proper hole in a single punch. The quality of the pins are very excellent and properly fixed.
  • Quality: This foil puncher is made with high-quality materials so you can use this product for a long time.